Best Time to Track Mood

🗓 18. June 2021   ✍️ Samuel Bednár

Ever asked yourself what is the best time for tracking your mood during a day? We might have the answer for you, but it not that simple.

Here are some tips on how to find out, when is the best time for you to track your moods and how you can maximize the benefit from it.

Set your goal

First step: Answer yourself why you want to track your moods. Maybe you would like to get to know yourself and your feelings or you want to recognize specific patterns and triggers that affect your mood. Also tracking your mood might be a tool to get some insight for your mental health provider. Whatever your goal is, it will help you decide how you want to approach your mood tracking.

When is the best time to track?

If you are still struggling with what part of a day is suitable for tracking your mood, you do not worry. There is research, that measured the mood of customer service representatives working in an insurance company’s call center. The study used short surveys to measure mood first thing in the morning and during the remainder of the day and to test how the employees felt after interacting with customers.

The conclusion of it says that whatever the mood they had in the morning, it usually stayed pretty much the same throughout the day.

Simply said, if you kick off a day in a bad mood, there is a very big chance you end the day bad-tempered as well.

It does not matter if you start to track your mood early in the morning or you do it in the evening. Just keep in mind you should feel comfortable about it. To be sure, you can try to track your mood in different times of the day for a period of time.

How many times should I track?

It is up to you. To get more valuable information, it is necessary to track at least once a day. But of course, you can track your mood two, three or ten times a day if you feel like it.

Its all about the mood

As our mood is a result of many diverse internal and external factors including our relationships, the amount of sleep or weather, it is normal that you can experience many various moods during a day. Sometimes you can experience days looking like you were riding an emotional roller coaster. You have ups and downs and over again. From that point of view, you can think that tracking your mood once a day is not enough. If you want to track more often how you feel, do not hesitate.

Evening routine to sum up your day

Random or set tracking intervals

You can do it at regular hour intervals, for example, every 3 hours, or with a set number of trackings for instance 3 times a day. There is an option to track your moods randomly too. In that case, you could track your mood after stronger events, which trigger some of your feelings. It can be a meeting with friends or a great tasty meal you prepared. This is also a way to recognize a pattern in your moods.


As mentioned before, there is not a universal answer for everyone. Ask yourself, what is your goal and what you want to find out. To get relevant information, it is necessary to do tracking as long-term activity.

If you have troubles with keeping your moods in set or you would like to have a closer look at what activities can affect them, you can help yourself with Daylio. The app provides you with tracking your moods that you can see visualized by charts and statistics. Although it cannot influence your moods; it can help you manage them as it is already helping millions of people. Start tracking today.

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